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Camera+ Basics: The Shooting Screen

February 6, 2018

Welcome to Camera+ Basics! I’m here to help you learn about how to use Camera+. Whether you’re a new or veteran user I hope you can learn a few tips and tricks. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact , and I’ll add to and revise this as new questions are asked […]

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Camera+ 10 arrives with full depth support, HEIF, accurate viewfinder and smiles!

October 4, 2017

In Camera+ 10 we turned our attention to the camera itself. We came up with a new design that feels completely at home in iOS 11 but, more importantly, we’ve made sure that the most frequently used features and settings are closer at hand and easier to find.

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A Beginners Guide for Manual Controls in iPhone Photography: ISO

April 13, 2017

Jack Hollingsworth, professional photographer, explains ISO, and how to use ISO to get the best photos possible with every shot.

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Introducing Camera+ 9.1 with more RAW POWER… and more POP!

March 22, 2017

For you photographers who want total control over your photos and wish to attain the best possible quality in doing so, you’ll be very pleased to hear that in Camera+ 9.1 we’ve enhanced the RAW capabilities that we recently added in Camera+ 9 to help you do just that.

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A Beginners Guide for Manual Controls in iPhone Photography: Shutter Speed

January 5, 2017

Join professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth as he explains how to use different shutter speeds to take creative control of your photos.

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Camera+ 9 arrives with iPhone 7 Plus dual lens support, RAW shooting and editing, and other various bits of awesomenesses

December 14, 2016

Camera+ 9 arrives with iPhone 7 Plus dual lens support, RAW shooting and editing, and other various bits of awesomenesses

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Two gradients walk into an app…

July 22, 2016

Filters 3.1 has just been released, here are the details:

We got rid of the gradients on the top and bottom bars so you fine chaps can see and edit your photos without any obstructions. You’re welcome.

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Camera+ 2 for iPad is finally here!

July 13, 2016

Get ready for this big update with an all-new, slick, modern user interface.

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Camera+ 8 is out with a wonderful, new Slow Shutter feature!

June 8, 2016

After a long cycle of slaving, optimizing, and debugging, Camera+ 8 has finally made it into the App Store. Here’s everything you have to look forward to in it…

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Ya know that thing…

April 7, 2016

Ya know that thing where you go to submit a big app update and you slave over making sure everything’s totally perfect where every i is dotted and every t is crossed but when you submit it to the App Store you actually upload the wrong version which still has a bunch of bugs and even the wrong app icon but when you come to this realization the app is already live to the public and there’s not much you can do except feel a little despondent because your parade got rained on just a bit?

Yeah, that.

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Oh, looky there… it’s a lovely MagiCam update!

April 6, 2016

Oh, looky there… it’s a lovely MagiCam update!

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Filters makes it to the big screen with version 3!

March 31, 2016

Today, we’re announcing the release of Filters 3. Here’s what’s new in this fairly sizable update…

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The ultimate iPhone camera comparison: How does the iPhone 6s camera compare to every other iPhone generation?

September 28, 2015

A 9 iPhone comparison of all iPhone versions taken with Camera+ including: the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and the new iPhone 6s, in a variety of real-life situations to test each iPhone camera’s capabilities.

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Camera+ 7.1 is here for those anxiously awaiting a UPS delivery today!

September 25, 2015

For this update, Camera+ is now ready for iOS 9 and those of you fortunate enough to have a brand new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus! And specifically for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, we’ve taken advantage of 3D Touch by adding the following handy set of Quick Actions…

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Silicon & Sapphire: An illustrated history of iPhone cameras

September 24, 2015

For the launch of the iPhone 6s, we’ve put together a little infographic showing the how the iPhone camera evolved over the years… and it has evolved quite a bit. Enjoy!

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Filters 2 is here!

September 24, 2015

We’ve just released our first major update to our recently acquired app, Filters. Here’s all that’s new in it…

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Have you ever wanted a free copy of Camera+?

September 10, 2015

Today we’ve just released Camera+ 7. I’ll have my little friend who goes by the name of Release Notes tell you all about it…

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iPhone 6s and iOS 9 release dates

August 26, 2015

Apple’s very much a creature of habit. They’ve historically been pretty consistent when it comes announcing and releasing new things. So based on past precedent, here are my predictions for what’ll be going down shortly for this year’s new iPhones and iOS release.

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Watch out for Camera+ 6.3!

June 3, 2015

We just set Camera+ 6.3 out into the wild. Here’s what’s new…

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A Beginner’s Guide for Manual Controls in iPhone Photography: White Balance

April 16, 2015

Professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth explains the basics of white balance, and how to make the colors of your pictures exactly how you remember seeing them.

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How To Shoot Better Small Product Photography With Your iPhone

March 27, 2015

Whether you’re addicted to selling your old stuff on eBay or an Etsy entrepreneur, professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth will show you how to get the best pictures to sell your small items.

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Camera+ 6.2 is here with an extra heaping helping of iOS 8 and iPhone 6 goodness!

March 18, 2015

First up is the new Today Widget where you can get handy Photo Tips, read inspirational Photo Quotes of the Day, and most importantly, easily open Camera+ from anywhere. That’s right… with a simple swipe & tap, you now have lock screen access to Camera+! In order to comply with the guidelines, we felt a […]

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How To Shoot Better Foodie Photography With Your iPhone

December 19, 2014

Food is by far one of the most popular subjects of shared photos. Next time you sit down to a gorgeous plate, use these tips from pro photographer Jack Hollingsworth to make your shots stand out!

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How To Shoot Close-Up and Macro Photography With Your iPhone

November 21, 2014

Macro photos turn everyday objects into works of art. Professional iPhone photographer Jack Hollingsworth is here to show you all the tricks you need to get the macro photos you’ve always dreamed of!

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A Beginner’s Guide for Manual Controls in iPhone Photography: Focus

November 7, 2014

Focus is one of the most important things about your pictures. iPhone Photographer Jack Hollingsworth teaches you all about how to adjust Focus to get great shots every time.

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Camera+ 6.1, please!

October 27, 2014

Camera+ 6.1 is just out of the kiln. Here’s all the fact & fiction…

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A Beginner’s Guide for Manual Controls in iPhone Photography: Exposure

October 24, 2014

Get the best possible photo by learning the finer points of Exposure from iPhone photographer Jack Hollingsworth.

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An iPhone Exposure Tips Infographic

October 23, 2014

To whet your appetite for tomorrow’s full length feature on Exposure, here’s a handy infographic to give you a leg up on the basic concepts.

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A concise user review of manual controls in Camera+ 6

October 10, 2014

YouTube user Matt Gomcsak aka “Coastormer” made a video about Camera+ 6 with a focus on the new manual controls. His review speaks for itself:

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Camera+ 6 has arrived, putting world-class manual control into your hands

September 25, 2014

Well, the big day is here. I’m thrilled to present to you the sixth major incarnation of the top-selling photo app of all time… Camera+ 6!

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Camera+ 6 and the Pop Tart: a lesson in responsive design

September 24, 2014

Right after Apple announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Preet Banerjee tweeted a wonderful graphic that was ever so effective in helping the world understand the relative sizes of the new iPhones, old iPhones, and iPads…

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iPhone camera evolution: How does the iPhone 6 camera compare to previous iPhone cameras?

September 22, 2014

How does the iPhone 6 camera stack up against previous hardware? In her ongoing series, professional iPhone photographer Lisa Bettany takes a hard look at the state of the newest iPhone’s camera compared to previous models.

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A sneak peek at Camera+ 6… manual controls are coming soon to you!

September 11, 2014

It’s almost here. Come and feast your eyes on the new and improved Camera+ 6 – featuring a redesigned UI, exposure value adjustments, manual exposure control, manual focusing control, macro shooting modes, auto white balance presets and locks, and a Camera+ extension for the native photos app. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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The evolution of the wheel

September 10, 2014

Camera+ 6 coming soon!

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How To Develop a Personal Style in Mobile Photography

September 5, 2014

Feel don’t think. See don’t look. Pro photographer Jack Hollingsworth guides you through the importance of these ideas and others in creating your personal style.

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How to Shoot Great Everyday Photography with Your iPhone

August 29, 2014

The iPhone has changed photography by making it easy to shoot anywhere and anytime. Join Jack Hollingsworth as he shows you how to elevate your everyday photos into works of art.

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How to Shoot Great Portrait Photography with Your iPhone

August 22, 2014

Ever wondered why the best selfie is taken by stretching your arm out as far as possible? Jack Hollingsworth explains, and shares some tips for shooting beautiful photos of people.

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Camera+ 5.2 is here to fluff you until iOS 8

August 18, 2014

Here’s all the news you can use… Hello all, With iOS 8 right around the corner, we’ve got some pretty big things planned for the near future, both with the iPhone and iPad versions of Camera+. To tide you over until then, we’ve just put out Camera+ 5.2 with a few very nice additions, along […]

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How to Shoot Great Landscape Photography with Your iPhone

August 7, 2014

Learn how to take gorgeous landscape mobile photography on your iPhone. Join photographer Jack Hollingsworth on an adventure to McKinney Falls State Park and get the scoop!

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How to Create Memorable Vacation Photography…with Your iPhone

August 1, 2014

Globetrotting photographer Jack Hollingsworth has photographed his share of this world’s faces, places and spaces. Join him for an afternoon of shooting up and down the pedestrian mall of Avenida Central in the heart of San José, Costa Rica. Learn how this mobile pro captures memorable and impressive vacation photos with his iPhone.

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How to Go Road Tripping with Your iPhone

July 30, 2014

As photographers, we are prone to ruts. We settle in and do the same things day after day. Our visual vocabulary becomes monotonous and repetitive. We need to break out. Road Tripping is the perfect prescription. Join gypsy-like mobile photographer Jack Hollingsworth as he wanders through the tiny town of Luckenbach, Texas.

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Shooting Paradise: In Search of the Quiet

July 24, 2014

Learn how to take powerful moving photos with your iPhone by finding “quiet” shots. Tag along with Jack Hollingsworth on the gorgeous Isla Tortuga as he shares his tips and tricks for creating blissful memories.

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How to Photograph Fashion with your iPhone

July 23, 2014

Jack Hollingsworth has spent the better part of his three–decade career shooting portraits, lifestyle and fashion. Now he takes those same sensibilities and sensitivities and applies them to iPhone fashion.

Join Jack in India as he shoots fashion photography, with his iPhone, using the Camera+ app.

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Color Your World: The iPhone Photography Way

July 18, 2014

Follow mobile photographer Jack Hollingsworth as he moves and meanders through the streets of Nicaragua. And photographs what has defined his career from the beginning – color photography.

Learn true insider secrets for capturing color in the everyday with your iPhone camera.

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Street Photography

July 11, 2014

Jack Hollingsworth presents his tips, tricks and general advice for taking great photos of people you encounter on the street. Then, after you’ve taken a great portrait, learn how to make it really shine with some different effects using Camera+ filters.

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Introducing snap snap snap!

July 9, 2014

Hey everyone. Jack Hollingsworth here. It’s no secret that, from day one of my iPhone photography journey, I have been a passionate, devoted and enthusiastic power user of Camera+. I have over 250,000 exposures… and growing! This all-in-one camera app is not only the best on the market today but it also makes shooting, beautifying […]

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