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Have you ever wanted a free copy of Camera+?

September 10, 2015 by 16 Comments

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Today we’ve just released Camera+ 7. I’ll have my little friend who goes by the name of Release Notes tell you all about it…

So what’s new in Camera+ 7 you ask? Honestly, not much this time. So why the big leap to version 7? That’s a very good question…

Do you know those friends and family who just don’t buy apps? Yeah, you know the ones… they sit around playing Clash of Candy a good chunk of the day, waiting for their next rupee to appear. Well, we’ve created a whole new version of Camera+ just for them: it’s called Camera+ Free.

So now when they ask you about what apps you like, you can proudly mention Camera+ to them and not have to worry about hearing their, “I don’t pay for apps” response. And the world will become a better place through the magic of photography. Or something like that.

And not to worry… we’ve got a lot coming around the bend for your beloved, not free Camera+. While we don’t disclose specifics ahead of time, we’re more than fine putting out a list of codenames for upcoming versions for those of you sleuths who like guessing what we’re up to…

• Camera+ 7.1: codename Peek & Poke
• Camera+ 7.2: codename Show Slutter
• Camera+ 7.3: codename Leguminous Green Manure
• Camera+ 7.4: codename Picasso Looked an Awful Lot Like Mr. Roper
• Camera+ 7.5: codename Fume Hood

As for what’s actually new for you in this version of Camera+, we’ve added a handy Macro button to the Today Widget, along with a bunch of nifty swiping, pinching, and tapping gestures to improve your overall experience when you use Camera+. It’s not a lot, but it makes your favorite camera app feel a lot nicer to use.

Stay tuned for more because we’ve got A LOT coming up for you…

Get Camera+ and Camera+ Free in the App Store.

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  1. I have just erased the Photosynth app. The big panoramas occupied less memory than normal photos. So now I only rely on Camera (which is good) for panoramas in my iPhone 5s . But perhaps you will surprise us with this functionality one of these days? Is it that difficult? After all you have an excellent macro function for the very small, why not for the very wide?

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