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Camera+ 10 arrives with full depth support, HEIF, accurate viewfinder and smiles!

October 4, 2017 by 21 Comments

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Portrait and Depth

We love the Portrait mode that Apple introduced in the dual-lens iPhones – y’know, that feature where you take a close-up and the background is nicely blurred and faded to draw attention to your main subject. Under iOS 10 we weren’t allowed to read depth information from the system so we couldn’t do anything like that. This all changed in iOS 11 – we are very happy to report that you can now capture Depth photos inside your favorite shooting app.

Note that we said “Depth” and not “Portrait” above. That’s because you can use that information not only for portraits, but for a variety of other creative purposes as well. Most of the editing tools in The Lab have been enhanced to support Depth. This means you can now desaturate the background so the foreground pops in vivid color, or apply exposure compensation to a distant area of the image. We can’t wait to see what you’ll be able to do with it. Oh, and for those of you wondering, it works for pictures taken with the system camera too – if you have Portrait photos in your album, feel free to import them into Camera+ and see what you can achieve in The Lab.


All-new Camera Design. Smile!

In Camera+ 10 we turned our attention to the camera itself. We came up with a new design that feels completely at home in iOS 11 but, more importantly, we’ve made sure that the most frequently used features and settings are closer at hand and easier to find. A new shooting bar is always present at the top of the screen, giving you quick access to the new Portrait/Depth mode, to the beloved Macro mode, and to frequently used controls such as the flash and the camera switcher.

By tapping on the small (+) button next to the shutter you’ll have easy access to tons of useful settings. You no longer need to open the menu to toggle the grid or the horizon level, and you can also quickly enable RAW capture. Additional shooting modes have been made available in that same place. Since it was getting a little crowded in there, we decided to introduce a 3D carousel you can flip to access whatever mode you want to try. One of the additions we are most proud of is the new Smile mode – it works like the stabilizer, but for smiles. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you are trying to shoot a selfie and got the framing just right, only to find you can’t reach the shutter? Now you can simply smile, and the photo will be shot. It doesn’t need to be selfies, it works for the back camera too, and for any number of people – just point the camera at them and tell a funny joke.

Accurate Framing

One last important detail in the camera is that now your viewfinder is always accurate. No matter what device you use, what your settings are or what controls you have on screen, the viewfinder will always show the exact area that will be captured. This was important for those photographers among you that like to carefully frame their photos, so we made sure that you get what you see.

HEIF format

Camera+ 10 supports the efficient HEIF format across the board. This image file format promises better efficiency than the more well-known JPEG. This means that if you do nothing, your photos will magically take up less space and will look the same or even better. Personally, we recommend you leave it on! The only downside is that HEIF is a relatively new format, so it still does not enjoy as much support as the venerable JPEG does. If you need to transfer your photos to a computer to continue working on them and are worried about compatibility, you can always choose to save your files in JPEG.


​​We love to work on Camera+, and we have put a lot of thought and effort to provide a lot of useful features for our customers. If you are lucky enough to own a new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus you’ll realize that Camera+ takes full advantage of the hardware, but it will work great on any device. If you paid attention to the details above (we know you did), you’ll realize that the shooting modes carousel will give us some breathing room to add even more new features in future releases. Which is exactly what we intend, so keep an eye out!

Get Camera+ in the App Store.

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  1. Guys,

    After new update, when in taking pictures in low light and playing with the ISO and shutter speed, then app force closed. I really love this app. Can you guys fix it.

  2. HELP!!! I take dozens of photos daily with Camera+. Where is the setting to automatically save in PDF. I am a novice with settings. All I know is Camera+ works great; now I can’t use it.

    Thank you

  3. i toggle on the Smile feature (iPhone 5s), but it’s not doing anything when trying to take a selfie. How do you trigger the shutter?

  4. I can’t find the controls to switch from wide angle to telephoto. Used to be on top I have a 7 Plus.
    I love this app

  5. Why can‘t i use the Portrait/ Depth Mode on my Iphone 7
    iOS 11? There are no slider in the Lab mode to use.
    Can you help?

  6. Using the latest v10.10 on an iPhone X – there is a “Portrait Mode” selection for the rear camera, but not the front (self) facing one. In fact, if I select “Portrait mode” and then reverse the camera for a selfie, it disables Portrait Mode.

    But the iPhone X is supposed to support Portrait Mode selfies, and in fact, the iOS native camera app does so…

    Will this be added to Camera+ in the future? (It’s by far my favorite iOS app!)

  7. Forget it. They don’t respond here. And no manual for the app? I can t find some of the things they allude to in this vague promo post, such as depth controls and background desaturation

  8. Why is the volume snap button different then the native iPhone camera app? The native camera application uses both volume buttons while Camera+/Camera+2 uses the top button. Can we have the choice? In order to use this app to take photos using the AxisGo iPhone 8+ water housing by Aquatech imaging solutions ( we need the volume snap to work just like the native iPhone application. Please help!!!! I’m sure this is a simple fix.

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