Adventures in iPhone photography from the creators of… Camera + MagiCam Filters

[INFOGRAPHIC] Silicon & Sapphire: An illustrated history of iPhone cameras

September 24, 2015 by Wolfgang, John, and Noël 1 Comment

About Wolfgang Bartelme

User interface and graphic designer, iPhone and photo enthusiast. Among other things Wolfgang designed Camera+ and MagiCam.

About John Casasanta

Among too many other things to list, including serving as chief of tap tap tap, John Casasanta is the Producer and Architect of Camera+. He possesses the innate ability to make people cringe on demand.

About Noel Rosenthal

I take pictures of cats and yarn.

For the launch of the iPhone 6s, we’ve put together a little infographic showing how the iPhone camera evolved over the years… and it has evolved quite a bit. Enjoy!

Download PDF (6.7MB)

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