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Watch out for Camera+ 6.3!

June 3, 2015 by 7 Comments


We just set Camera+ 6.3 out into the wild. Here’s what’s new…

Camera+ Watch app

For those of you gadget freaks who’ve acquired an Apple Watch, we’ve created a Camera+ Watch app for you. With it, you’re able to snap photos remotely, along with triggering shots via the timer.


For those of you without an Apple watch, we leave you with a few phrases to recite until you get one…

  • Milanese Loop
  • Irish Wristwatch
  • Bob Loblaw Law Blog

Selfie Widget button

Selfie emergency? We’ve got your back. You can now instantly get to the front-facing camera from the Camera+ Today Widget.

What’s that… you haven’t yet enabled the Today Widget?! Well, check out the detailed instructions in the Extensions section of the Settings menu right within Camera+.

Go get Camera+ 6.3 now in the App Store!


  1. I’m gonna be a hard sell for the Watch, as the iPhone is what set me free from having to wear a wristwatch. But the addition of the watch app and the Selfie Widget shows that the dev team is always thinking. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  2. Hi
    Are you contemplating an android version of camera plus? Please say you are because it’s awesome let me know
    All the best Mario a big fan of camera plus😀

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