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A concise user review of manual controls in Camera+ 6

October 10, 2014 by 13 Comments

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YouTube user Matt Gomcsak aka “Coastormer” made a video about Camera+ 6 with a focus on the new manual controls. His review speaks for itself:


  1. You are talking way to fast. I do not have all the manual controls shown on the video. Is there a cheap version and an expensive version? I downloaded my app 3 days ago.

  2. Bill: I agree, the narrator is talking a bit fast, but it is a concise review and he’s trying to get a lot in a short video. There isn’t a cheap version of the app, but if you have an older iPhone/iPad/iPod, or just haven’t updated to iOS 8, you can’t use all the neat stuff. Some of the controls he was talking about. If you do have iOS 8, you need to go into settings – it’s that ≡ thing to the right of the shutter button, and find the Advanced controls. Turn on Always show and Live exposure. The little Information buttons will describe what does what. From another Camera+ user. 😊

  3. I couldn’t find the manual controls either. Turns out I purchased CAMERA PLUS, not Camera+! Downloading Camera+ now!

  4. I can’t seem to find anyone that knows how to do a 3×2 landscape crop on a photo that was taken in portrait orientation and visaversa. (iPhone version)

  5. I got this app free from a promo at Starbucks. I RARELY pay for apps bc I’m a single mom and a disabled vet so my money is needed more in other places ya know. So finally starting to look into this app and even found the FB page for the app. I’m super excited to learn about this. Bc I would say my iPhone 5c is mostly used to take pics as I’m a pic junkie. ;). Thanks for making me this app now if I could only learn all the cool features. Like what got me started just now. I have a older pic and I was trying to make it more clear as its a little blurry. I don’t know if it’s even possible to do that but I’m stoked to learn about all it can do. Just wanted to say thanks to the developer. (And FYI for some reason it’s VERY hard to find this Facebook page. I typed in snap snap snap and kept trying for like a half an hour. Couldn’t find it. Somehow or another I stumbled upon it.). Awesome product u have here. Excited to learn about it so I can take some awesome pics. Thx

  6. The content of this video was good but you talked so fast I couldn’t follow.

  7. Love the app but can’t get the clicking sound to mute? The “sound” option does nothing.

  8. Yeah, I’m an old man. The narrator spoke way too fast for my brain to keep up or understand. Also, I was hoping for a detailed demo on how to use manual focus. I am shooting very close macro and auto focus is just not up to it. I have Camera Plus 9.XXX. Anyone know how to access the manual controls? I can find auto exposure but not auto focus. Thanks!

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