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Introducing snap snap snap!

July 9, 2014 by 12 Comments

About Jack Hollingsworth

Jack Hollingsworth, a denizen of Austin, TX, is an award-winning, 30-year career veteran in commercial photography. Jack has fallen in love with his iPhone camera as his primary capture tool. He is also an avid Camera+ devotee and has been since day one. He deeply believes that, when all is said and done, the iPhone may just be remembered as the most influential capture device ever in the history of photography.

Hey everyone. Jack Hollingsworth here. It’s no secret that, from day one of my iPhone photography journey, I have been a passionate, devoted and enthusiastic power user of Camera+. I have over 250,000 exposures… and growing! This all-in-one camera app is not only the best on the market today but it also makes shooting, beautifying and sharing so much fun. After all, it’s always about the photos.

That’s why I am so fired up about this new iPhone photography site launch – snap snap snap. Built from the ground up by tap tap tap, the creators of Camera+ and the just-released MagiCam. We’ll constantly be bringing you rad video tutorials, features, interviews, and inspirational galleries about all things related to mobile photography. Be sure to check-in with us regularly!

Ok, let’s go… here’s a quick video to show you some of the cool things we have coming up:


  1. Sounds good but still a little ‘lost’ on what you’re going to provide .. example post would be great :)

  2. Please put me on your email list for your upcoming blog. I am very excited to hear about it and who knows? Maybe I’ll shoot something one day that is worthy of your review and be able to contribute to the site! I am an avid iPhone photography enthusiast. Trust me. People think I’m nuts, but it’s an art form of it’s own.


    Patti Petow

  3. Congratulations on this nice idea, but…: why is this site not responsive? I would enjoy reading the snapsnapsnap blog on my iPhone, but the way this site currently looks on mobile devices is no fun at all.
    Best, Matthias

  4. Hi Jack, John and Taptaptap, Thank you for the helpful guide and for Camera+ a favorite photo app I’ve recommended to hundreds of friends. 2 quick questions:
    1) Is there a way to move all (hundreds) of photos in Camera+ Lightbox to iphone Camera Roll all at once, rather than individually selecting and moving a few at a time?
    2) When photos are moved from Camera+ to iphone Camera Roll, are the date and time the photo was originally taken preserved and viewable in iphone Camera Roll, and is this data viewable once photos are moved from iPhone Camera Roll to PC laptop?
    Thank you!

  5. How to shoot multiple frames continuously (at least three frames)?

    I can’t find that feature in Camera+10!

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