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Camera+ 8 is out with a wonderful, new Slow Shutter feature!

June 8, 2016 by 41 Comments

Camera+ 8

After a long cycle of slaving, optimizing, and debugging, Camera+ 8 has finally made it into the App Store. Here’s everything you have to look forward to in it…

Slow Shutter

By far, the biggest addition to Camera+ 8 is an innovative slow shutter feature. When you’re shooting in the manual modes, you can now have effective shutter speeds as long as 30 seconds. So now you’ll be able to do things like take those kinds of amazing, misty, creamy waterfall photos that you see in magazines. And you’ll be able to do some creative night photography. It opens your iPhone photography up to so many new possibilities that are only limited to whatever your imagination can conjure up.

Comparison 2

To get the most out of your slow shutter photography, a tripod (even a makeshift one) is pretty much essential to prevent taking blurry shots. But the results can really be worth that little extra effort.

Comparison 3

You’ll know that you’re in the extended shutter speed range when you’re shooting in Shutter Priority or Full Manual mode and the exposure mode indicator changes from S or M to S+ or M+, respectively.

Ultra-low ISO

Working hand-in-hand with the new extended range of shutter speeds is an extended range of effective ISO values. With this range, you’ll be able to get down to unbelievably low apparent ISO values to make it possible to take long exposure photos without having to resort to using things like ND filters to prevent your photos from blowing out. And throughout the extended shutter speed / ISO range, the preview you see in your viewfinder is a very good indicator of what you’ll be capturing as far as exposure goes, so there’s little to no guesswork when you’re doing long exposure photography… not even the most expensive DSLR cameras can make that claim.

Another huge benefit of the combination of the new shutter speed and ISO ranges is that you’re able to take low-light photos with dramatically reduced noise. Taking long exposure photos in low light with the ISO adjusted to compensate can yield results with very little noise. Again, a tripod is your best friend when doing this.

As with the extended shutter speed range, when you see S+ or M+ for the exposure mode indicator, you know you’re in the extended range.

Please note that these new slow shutter / low ISO features require a decent amount of processing mojo, so these features aren’t available on the various flavors of iPhone 5. We vaporized a 5c or two in early testing so we felt the need to disable it on those devices. With great power comes great responsibility… to not melt phones.

We’re really excited and very much looking forward to seeing what kinds of creative photography you’re able to achieve with these new extended shutter speed and ISO ranges in Camera+ 8!

New Import Options

We’ve added a couple of import options to help you get your latest photos from your Photo Library and into your Lightbox. Now you can easily import the last photo you shot… and you can even import your whole last moment with just a couple of taps.

A new share thingy

When you have a share sheet open in an app, those square, rounded-cornered, monochromatic icons in the bottom row are called Action Extensions. The nomenclature might leave a bit to be desired but it’s hard to debate the usefulness of these items. And on that note, we’ve added a Camera+ Action Extension so that you can now easily send photos to your Lightbox right from the share sheet of most apps. Be sure to peruse the Extensions section of the menu for the 411 on how to enable this nifty, useful new feature.

Notification Center Widget Import Option

There’s a new option for the Notification Center Widget that enables you to quickly import photos from your Photo Library to your Lightbox. If you haven’t enabled the widget, you’re missing out on this and several other very handy shortcuts to all sorts of Camera+ functionality. Check-out the Extensions section of the menu to square away how to do it.

iPad Wallpaper Crop

There’s a new iPad wallpaper crop that we added mainly because we have Camera+ for iPad version 2 really, really close to finally being released. And yeah, it’ll be worth the excessively long wait that many of you have been waiting. Really. SPOILER ALERT: the crop is actually a mere square.

Bug Fixes

As always, with new features inevitably come new bugs. And with new releases, we always do our best to squarsch as many known bugs as we can. In this release, many of the lifeless arthropodæ can be found in the vicinity of the Apple Watch.

What’s New

And finally, there’s a new “What’s New” section in the menu to make it easy for you to see, um… what’s new. You know… this thing that you’re actually reading right now. We would’ve inserted a screenshot here to show it, but the warranty on your iPhone doesn’t cover the damages that’d be caused by the black hole created by doing so.

Get Camera+ in the App Store.

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  1. Unfortunately after this update camera + crashes at start with my Iphone4s, 64Gb.
    no way to use it.

  2. From five star to zero star! All ruined just crappy update remember ppl paid for yr app?

  3. I just paid for the app just because of the slow shutter feature. Now it turns out this only works on iPhone 6! Very disappointing!

  4. •Settings: check Shutter Priority or Full Manual
    •Return to Cameral
    •Press [+]
    •Press ISO (Round), right-swipe (slowly) slider until [S+] appears in circle; note exposure time in seconds increase
    •Snap photo, timer line encircles button to show time of exposure
    •Try shooting leaves in a breeze, fireworks, water, etc; yes, use tripod or an invented thing to stabilize phone

  5. Sorry: don’t press the [+] button. Go right to pressing the ISO circle
    PS to Camera+ folks. All of this discovered by much experimentation. Appreciate a tiny tip for us non-pros. I think that’s the problem with those few negative reviews: they haven’t spent the time to know what kind of complex & fantastic product this is (complex in a good sense). Worth the discovery time investment (few can say that).

  6. After installing the last update (8.0.1) I get a white square blocking the WB button when you are using advanced controls. Really annoying. It is very difficult to activate WB button when needed. Please let us know how to get this fix.

  7. For the lastest version of camera+, how I can come back preset of WB after I touch (+) beside Candies preset in WB ? Also, how I can return Shutter Speed priority (S+) after I do manually in ISO setting ?

  8. I just bought the app for my iPhone 6+ just for the slow shutter but can’t can’t find it!!!!!!
    how do I get the slow shutter????

  9. Purchased Camera + for iPad a few days ago. We emailed you with specific questions. No response from you yet you take money for your product with NO TUTORIAL.

    I am not saying that your product doesn’t work, since I have no way of knowing if it does or doesn’t without specific support. No features are activated other than focus, exposure and lock or unlock for focus, exposure, WB. Where are the settings?
    Provide instructions on how to set up using two iPads, one for remote control and other for lens.

    Take responsibility for your product.

  10. I would like to buy this camera + app but i want to know if it (slow shutter) will work for iPhone SE. Thank you

  11. Guys,for your shutter speed, ISO etc. Go into menu, find advanced controls it’s in there. Ordinary that the developers of this app have not responded to anyone!

  12. I am using IPhone 6S Plus and that’s how you get to the shutter Priority / Full Manual (as in slow shutter speed):

    – Go to (Camera+) Settings
    – Scroll to Advanced Controls and then check Full Manual
    – Click on Done.
    – Now, on the main screen, click on the ISO icon, you’ll see you are able to adjust the shutter speed (using the arrows) and the ISO (also the arrows)
    That’s it, essentially.

    And make sure you use a tripod. Amazon (I don’t work for Amazon…) sells a very light (and inexpensive, less than $20) tripod that works great with the IPhone (up to the Plus size). And, it comes with a Bluetooth remote to activate the shutter. Very handy so you don’t have to look for it at night / shake the camera!!
    To go back to full auto, just repeat the above steps and select Shutter Priority instead of Full Manual.
    Hope that helps
    PS: I too have a white area on the main screen (lower right side) that hides something with letter W underneath, not sure what it is and there is now way to find out…

  13. This is great. So glad that you are putting together a place where we photographers can come for resources in one place. I do not have time to search every site out on the internet for what I need, if I want to stay in business!!! Thank you. This is sure to be a huge hit with many of my fellow photographers too!Amy

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