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Introducing Camera+ 9.1 with more RAW POWER… and more POP!

March 22, 2017 by 30 Comments

Camera+ 9.1

For you photographers who want total control over your photos and wish to attain the best possible quality in doing so, you’ll be very pleased to hear that in Camera+ 9.1 we’ve enhanced the RAW capabilities that we recently added in Camera+ 9 to help you do just that.

Specifically, when you have Camera+ set to save the RAW photos when you shoot, we’ve added options to enable you to either keep together or separate the JPEG/TIFF and RAW portions of your photos when you go to save them. So you can now either save them as single combined photos or separate each into two, with one being the RAW DNG (digital negative). Separating the photos can make it easier to deal with them if, for instance, you move them to a computer for further processing.

Additionally, we’ve added options so that you can export either just the JPEG/TIFF portions or just the RAW portions to your Camera Roll. You can access these new export features via the action button in the RAW Lab, and via long press or 3D Touch on the Save button in the Lightbox.

Did somebody just say 3D Touch??

Along these lines, we’ve also added 3D Touch capabilities to several areas of Camera+. Most notably, you can now 3D Touch the Lightbox icon right from the camera screen to access the most recent photo in your Lightbox. So now you have zippy access to the last photo you’ve shot and you can do things like copy it… save it… or share it without having to jump into the Lightbox. You can now even quickly delete those inadvertent thumb shots and unwanted photobombs right from the camera screen. Nifty, eh?

But we caught the 3D Touch Fever and didn’t stop there… so you can now 3D Touch various elements in the Lightbox, too. “Precisely what?” you ask? Well, where would the fun be in that if we just told you. For those of you with 3D Touch-capable devices, you know that ⅞︎ of the fun of 3D Touch is the mystery-meat aspect of it where you just start jamming your thumb on various things and hope that something magical will peek and/or pop. So we won’t ruin that experience for you by telling you anything further. Consider it an early Easter Egg hunt. Enjoy!

Moving back into the 2D realm where there are far less mysteries & surprises… we’ve renamed the AutoSave section of the menu to Save because we’ve added some save-related functionality and it all lives nicely under that heading now. The new functionality is a feature that enables you to choose between either revertible or non-revertible edits when you save your pics to your Camera Roll. Revertible pro: you’re able to undo any edits to your photos, even after saving them. Revertible con: saved photos take up more space on your device. And vice-versa for non-revertible, of course. Sidenote: Autocorrect has been beaten to submission regarding trying to change “revertible” to “reversible”. WIN!

For you metadata geeks who like to be all in-the-know, we’ve added a few niceties, along with some spit & polish to the ever-informative Info panel.

And finally… coming to you directly from the Department of When You Remove Existing Features, It’s Guaranteed to Bite You in the You Know What, No Matter How Insignificant You Think They Are: we’ve added a “new” JPEG Downscaled quality option to compensate for the recently removed Optimized option. Or you can look at it as us “re-introducing” it with a different name and better functionality. Or mayyybe even “un-retiring” it? Take your pick. We’ll just be over here growling, but with our tail between our collective legs…

If you peer over the horizon, you just might be able to catch a glimpse of Camera+ 10 making its way toward you. One word for now: AMBITIOUS


  1. John – can you tell me where I find the setting to put my iphone into RAW? I downloaded the upgrade to 9.1 – I went to quality and format and I have 4 choices (3 kinds of jpegs and TIFF) but no raw. Is my phone too old? It’s and iPhone 6.

  2. Hi,
    I have 9.1 loaded on my iPhone but I cant seem to place its icon on the home screen. I can access 9.1 by going into my purchases list – the icon is there – then tapping “Open”. Is anyone else having this issue?
    Also, I just purchased the iPad version but I see its not yet at version 9.1, when can we expect it?

  3. Hi, I just bought the app especially for RAW, but I have the same issue like Lynne Pariseau above: I can’t find an option to activate RAW. I also have an iPhone 6. Can you please help?

  4. I have Camera+ but I think it’s not the newest version. I need to recover a deleted photo from my phone. How do I do this??? My son deleted it. There seems to be no customer care. Please advise.

  5. Same here. Where do I set RAW on my IPad Pro? I have mailed tap tap tap a week,ago… no reply. Why?

  6. I bought camera +9… use in my iPad Pro but is it + 9 version… ? I find that the version is 2…. ??

    Where is setting for RAW in my camera + in my iPad? Mailed tap tap tap but no reply. Also mailed Apple Store.

    Be serious now tap tap rap, and reply!

  7. Am professional photographer, but frequently use iPhone for ‘quick and dirty’ personal pics, so Camera+ has been my go-to photo app for a long time.

    Many friends ask me how they can get pictures like mine, and Camera+ is sometimes a bit too sophisticated for real beginners. But then I saw you have some really good tutorials at snapsnapsnap, and thought that might be good thing to point out to people. THEN I saw the MagiCam ad, and I knew I had a great solution for my problem and yours: easy way to answer all the questions for me, and lots of new customers for you. (BTW, your tutorials are absolutely top-notch.)

    BUT when I clicked on the ‘Introductory Offer’ for $0.99 at bottom of ad, it took me to AppStore which wanted $1.99. Either offer it for $.99 or take off the come-on ad that says that’s what it cost. It irritated me enough that I did NOT download it, and, at least for the time being, we probably both lost. But with all the ‘bait-and-switch’ on the web, I just refuse to patronize a company that isn’t honest about prices. SO – your choice …

  8. Hi what settings should I use to take pics of the Northern lights?
    Be very specific as I’m new to this app.
    Thank you!

  9. having trouble exporting a RAW photo. Every time I check the Quality and Format setting, RAW is off. I turn it on, take a photo, try to export, or try to save and it says TIFF P3. I cannot get RAW setting to “stay” and what shows up on my Mac is not a DNG file. Thanks in advance for your help. The app is very good, I’m just short on instruction.

  10. Agree with all of the above … Is anyone at home to answer our questions ?
    It’s pretty frustrating when you go into a new app. , that you are ranting about
    that is to be so awesome & easy to use, and you can’t even get an answer from a question, after downloading the app for five minutes, shooting about 10 photo’s & nothing seems to work correctly & there’s no one to answer questions???
    I’ve had Camera + for a few years w/ no problems.
    Think I’m going to delete this.. Please don’t charge me… as I feel there’s no one to answer or to help me get rid of this app charge. Thanking you in advance !

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  12. I have been using this software for about a month now and I absolutely love it! The RAW power is amazing and the software is very user friendly. Overall, I would definitely recommend this software.

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