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Monthly Archives:July 2014

How to Go Road Tripping with Your iPhone

July 30, 2014

As photographers, we are prone to ruts. We settle in and do the same things day after day. Our visual vocabulary becomes monotonous and repetitive. We need to break out. Road Tripping is the perfect prescription. Join gypsy-like mobile photographer Jack Hollingsworth as he wanders through the tiny town of Luckenbach, Texas.

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Shooting Paradise: In Search of the Quiet

July 24, 2014

Learn how to take powerful moving photos with your iPhone by finding “quiet” shots. Tag along with Jack Hollingsworth on the gorgeous Isla Tortuga as he shares his tips and tricks for creating blissful memories.

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How to Photograph Fashion with your iPhone

July 23, 2014

Jack Hollingsworth has spent the better part of his three–decade career shooting portraits, lifestyle and fashion. Now he takes those same sensibilities and sensitivities and applies them to iPhone fashion.

Join Jack in India as he shoots fashion photography, with his iPhone, using the Camera+ app.

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Color Your World: The iPhone Photography Way

July 18, 2014

Follow mobile photographer Jack Hollingsworth as he moves and meanders through the streets of Nicaragua. And photographs what has defined his career from the beginning – color photography.

Learn true insider secrets for capturing color in the everyday with your iPhone camera.

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Street Photography

July 11, 2014

Jack Hollingsworth presents his tips, tricks and general advice for taking great photos of people you encounter on the street. Then, after you’ve taken a great portrait, learn how to make it really shine with some different effects using Camera+ filters.

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Introducing snap snap snap!

July 9, 2014

Hey everyone. Jack Hollingsworth here. It’s no secret that, from day one of my iPhone photography journey, I have been a passionate, devoted and enthusiastic power user of Camera+. I have over 250,000 exposures… and growing! This all-in-one camera app is not only the best on the market today but it also makes shooting, beautifying […]

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