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Monthly Archives:October 2014

Camera+ 6.1, please!

October 27, 2014

Camera+ 6.1 is just out of the kiln. Here’s all the fact & fiction…

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A Beginner’s Guide for Manual Controls in iPhone Photography: Exposure

October 24, 2014

Get the best possible photo by learning the finer points of Exposure from iPhone photographer Jack Hollingsworth.

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An iPhone Exposure Tips Infographic

October 23, 2014

To whet your appetite for tomorrow’s full length feature on Exposure, here’s a handy infographic to give you a leg up on the basic concepts.

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A concise user review of manual controls in Camera+ 6

October 10, 2014

YouTube user Matt Gomcsak aka “Coastormer” made a video about Camera+ 6 with a focus on the new manual controls. His review speaks for itself:

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